Typical Mistakes of Starting Clothing Lines


At first, starting a clothing line sounds easy – just make good T-shirt designs, sell the apparel and watch your profit rise. Wrong. There are many pitfalls when you start your own brand, and you would want to avoid these common mistakes for your clothing line to have a share of the spotlight.

Low-quality garments

PrintingIn clothing, comfort comes first. Next to this is quality. But when you have shirts that don’t feel good when you wear them and products that are only good for a couple of months, you have a problem.

You may have a good designer to print all those highly detailed graphics, but your enterprise can still flop when the fabric feels uncomfortable to touch and/or is of low-quality. Make sure you’re dealing with a good supplier when you buy wholesale T-shirts.

Poor execution

Print quality is also a matter of importance. Sometimes, even though the design looks good on the computer, its charm doesn’t translate to print. You may want to check your printing method when this happens, as this reduces the quality of your output. Your product should always be as good – or, if possible, better – than your original idea.

Passé designs

Creative ideas are prone to clichés, too. Sometimes, you might think that you have this highly unique design, but it turns out that it has been passé. Authenticity is important in this trade. The number of brands out there magnifies the importance of this concept even more.

This is the case of a brand without an identity. Remember: the biggest names in different industries today started with a vision, and this is something that your clothing line should imbibe and embody. Mix your good sense of style, company vision, and creativity to come up with designs that everyone would love.

With how competitive today’s market is, you should bank on innovative ideas that are both charming and unique to launch your start-up clothing brand.

Once you know how to avoid these common mistakes, you’re a step closer to becoming a big brand. All that’s left to do is keep up the good work, generate some buzz and show the world what you can offer.

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