Which Type of Home Builder Should You Choose for Your Construction Project?


A house is the largest investment an individual makes in his lifetime. So, any home construction project should be planned well, as you and your family might spend the rest of your life in it and create memories to cherish forever.

There are two types of quality home builders to choose from. They are either custom or production house planners. The choice depends on your needs, finances and time frame available for the project. So, it is important to know the difference between these two types.

Custom House Planners

These planners will build on the land you own. They normally plan and design houses for construction depending on your requirements. The houses will be unique and personalised for you and your family. These planners create single-family houses and not large condos or apartments. They generally build fewer houses per year, but construct high end residences.

Production Home Plannershomebuilders

These types of planners will build on the property they own. You can then buy the house and the plot from them. Here, the houses will not be unique and will be based on certain plans with very limited choices. You get to pick the type of carpeting, counter and other minor details, but not the plan and layout of the house. These planners build many houses in a year and cater to all budget ranges.

With both kinds of planners, hiring a good one to handle your house construction is important to save time and money and prevent delays. Here are some pointers:

  • Look for durability and quality.
  • Concentrate on finding a constructor who has enough experience in the kind of house you need. Also, go for someone who fits into your budget range.
  • Check on their reputation and quality of work before shortlisting a few of them.
  • See if they have a good relationship with the local banks, suppliers and contractors.
  • Ask for references and their contact details.

After making sure you are comfortable working with them, review the contract and insurance details. The contract should give complete details of the payment schedules, work schedules and alteration policies. Also, comprehensive warranties should be provided by the construction company.

With production planners, you might have very limited choice because they build a number of houses at the same time, including other rental properties. But, with custom planners, you can freely make your own choices.

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