How Social Media Can Maximise Your Marketing Efforts Through Videos

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Advertising is no longer confined to Internet marketing or web designing. Now, online advertising also includes films and images, which can be displayed effectively on a website.

Businesses can tell their story through relevant video productions. The vibrant social media can help display these to the target market. Video production companies such can help businesses produce relevant short films, which can be used for marketing.

social mediaHere are some ways you can use films to enhance your marketing campaign:

  • To announce a new service or product
  • To lure new customers and educate them
  • To recruit, educate and train new employees
  • To keep all employees connected, even those in remote areas
  • To let existing customers relate their experiences with your business

Once you have spent enough energy, time and resources to produce web films, use social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, to promote them. Follow the steps mentioned below to show your potential customers the films you have made:

  • Post the web film on your blog or company’s website.
  • Upload the film on YouTube. All subscribers will be notified of the new film that has been added.
  • You can upload it on your company’s Facebook page, too. Everyone on your friend’s list and all your followers will be notified of the new addition on their wall. You can also promote the films on the wall of any groups you are a part of, especially if it relates to your targeted market.
  • You can also give the URL link of your blog or website on your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

You can send an email newsletter to your existing customers with a short personal message urging them to watch the film. Include a picture of the film and the URL link to the website or blog to make it easier for them to watch.

Once the film is completely optimised, the traffic to your website will increase almost immediately. The time and cost saved are well worth the little effort you need initially.

The film posted on different social media forums will be there forever. This will serve to attract new customers constantly. You do not have to distribute newsletters, DVDs and other video formats through traditional methods.

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