Signs That Your Transmission is Defective

gearbox repair

gearbox repairYour car relies on its gearbox or transmission to change gears, whether it’s manual or automatic.The transmission, which is connected to the engine, helps the vehicle accelerate and run properly. If the transmission is defective, the car may still run but not as efficiently.

To help you determine if your gear box is defective and in need of repair, here are some signs you should watch out for:

Failing to engage

One of the common indications that the transmission has a problem is when it fails to engage when the driver shifts gears. This usually happens when shifting from reverse or park into drive. When shifting into drive, the transmission will spin but without moving the vehicle. In certain instances, the transmission will try to engage for a few seconds while it will fail to engage completely in others. When you notice this, it’s time to take your car to a service provider that offers gearbox reconditioning.


When the transmission is working properly, shifting between gears is so smooth you won’t notice any change as the car moves forward. If the transmission is defective, shifting gears during acceleration may produce a jerking or surging movement. When this happens even when running at a steady speed, your transmission has a serious issue.


When the transmission is working as it should be, the gears change in smoothly and consistently. If the gears are slipping, they will hold back the acceleration. The engine will then rev as it tries to make the car move forward.

Fluid-related problems

Transmission fluid lubricates the internal parts to maintain a working transmission. Fluid leaks can be a sign that there is a problem. The gaskets may be worn out or there are cracks in the seals, causing the fluid to leak and lead to transmission failure. Additionally, if you notice a burnt smell in your transmission or if it’s darker than usual, your transmissions may have a problem.

Early detection of transmission problems can help maintain a vehicle’s condition. Take note of these signs and if you notice any of them as you drive, take action immediately.