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Durak Online. Now, convert again the log file to a dot graph with logToDot. Focus on the red ellipse. This is the process that has been launched from our tagged apk cardgame.

Explore the graph and try to understand what it has done:. You should not observe any socket connection: the malware has not been triggered and is waiting silently. We will know trigger it. This XML is the malware configuration file. Maybe it has something cool in it? In fact MobiDash delays its execution: it decrements this number until it reachs 0 and then trigger its execution.

We are going to force its triggering by replacing the number by a 0 use gedit, nano, vi After that we need to push this modified file to the phone and reboot it immediately in order to prevent the modification of this file by the malware.

Once the phone has rebooted unlock it and wait BlareLogger screen. Return Home, lock the phone and unlock it. Lot of undesired Ads. Exract logs again and convert it to a. Once finished open the.

You can see the creation of sockets, access to android. You have done your first dynamic analysis of an adware. You can see the same result with a better look and feel of the graph on the Kharon project. In this exercise of the tutorial, we will study the SimpLocker malware which is a ransomware SHA 8ac3aa53ccd89aaaadef5dcffaec1ded2ddbae7cf The malware is connected to the attacker via the Tor network but we do not need to let the malware connect to Tor.

The goal of this exercise is to understand how works the malware by reverse engineering its code. We will let the malware operate and encrypt your files… But then, we will write an antidote by modifying the malware to force it to decrypt the encrypted files!

For this exercise we do not need an internet connection. Disconnect your smartphone from the internet. We need to provide some personal data to the malware. Take a photo of yourself or something if you do not trust totally this tutorial…. You should see a fullscreen message.

Wait 1 minute the malware encrypts your file. You can check the files to see if the malware produces. Check the images of the gallery: you should not see your photo anymore. All your data is gone encrypted!!!

We propose to use BytecodeViewer which enables to open and decompile an Android application. It proposes several decompilers and basic search capabilities. Test BytecodeViewer on a demo file demo1. Open the jf.

You should see a decompilation of the bytecode where two buttons are created in the activity. This is because one of the files probably the Manifest is malformed. This is an obvious protection of the malware developer to prevent any static analysis from classical tools here apktool which is one of the components of BytecodeViewer. Thus, we will need to the reverse with manual operations. This is a jar file containing all the classes using the dex format.

Open the classes. The malware developer is a well organized person. All the malicious code is located in the org. Have a look to:. You can use the search box bottom left to discover where the encrypt function is called. Of course, the ciphering process is performed in background.