Secure Glass Doors and Windows to Avoid Intruders

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Thieves and intruders are cunning and are constantly crafting ways to get their dirty business done. All entry points into a property are vulnerable, so it is always best to secure your doors and windows in every way possible. Beefing up the security around your home or office doesn’t mean, though, that visual aesthetics have to suffer.

glass doorThe following are some insights from the Australian Federal Police and crime prevention experts Cleargard Australia on how to secure your windows and keep them looking good at the same time:

Detect the Threat

There are many ways to turn your windows into something that can detect if there are intruders. Some security companies can put in regular magnetic contacts or glass break sound detectors. However, these alarms aren’t necessarily preventive – they go off during the actual time of intrusion. A growing trend these days is using alarm sensors which can detect the invasion as soon as the thief cuts or removes the screen. These alarm sensors secure your window screens and your property in general from all risks.

Delay the Threat

Delaying the burglars is of the essence. This is where invisible security films come in handy. Invisible security film makes any window virtually shatter-proof, making it very difficult for thieves to get through. Since the film holds the windows together even after it shatters, intruders can’t crawl in that easily.

Tempered Glass

Another effective way to delay intrusions is by using tempered glass for doors and windows. Tempered glass is much firmer than regular glass and more difficult to break. Reinforce tempered glass with security film, and you get a great combination that can prevent crimes.

Securing your glass doors and windows is important to take care of your property and belongings. It’s always better to be safe than sorry by avoiding harm. Use the available tools above to protect your glass doors and windows without being too obvious about it.

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