Roofing with Sails: Making Your House Look More Attractive and Comfortable


roofMany roofing companies offer roof sails to make client homes not just attractive but highly functional as well. Roof sails come in different shapes and sizes. The great thing about them is that they can be modified to suit almost any type of application.

Flexible for Any Application

An experienced roofer can design a sail to enhance the appearance of the home while providing many practical benefits to the occupants. Roof sails can provide protection from the heat of the sun on your patio, swimming pool, barbecue area, courtyard, driveway and even the veranda.

Perfect Protection from Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet rays of the sun come in two forms —UVA or ultraviolet aging and UVB or ultraviolet burn. Sun exposure without protection can cause premature wrinkling, damaged skin, eye problems, and the much-dreaded skin cancer. Roof sails can provide at least 98% protection from these dangerous ultraviolet rays. With these in place, you and your kids can relax without having to worry about the effects of the ultraviolet light even on the hottest summer days.

Ask the roofer regarding the different fabric types available and the levels of UV protection provided. Interestingly, varying colors also offer different capacities for blocking or reflecting sunlight away from the ground. Darker colors can block more light from entering, but may also create a darker environment beneath the sail. Consider this when deciding on the roofing type for your home.

Rain Protection

Many roof sails are created out of different non-permeable materials. They are water-resistant, which means they diffuse rain but not keep the entire environment dry. You can, however, select waterproof materials specifically for this purpose. Talk to your roofer regarding this issue.

Better Ventilation

Most roofing with sails is made using permeable materials that create better airflow. The roofer can create different shapes and angles to accommodate optimum sun protection while providing better airflow within. This means you can entertain your guests without worrying that they will be uncomfortable.

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