Renting Apartments: What’s Included in the Rental Rate?

Man in apartment

In most cases, tenants are responsible for all utility and maintenance bills. The rent only includes fees for the place alone and will not include anything else. If specified in the rental agreement, it will also include insurance.

If you search carefully, you’ll find some affordable properties for rent in Makati that covers all the utilities in the rent. So, before signing a contract, confirm if the utilities are included or not in the agreed rental fee. Check if it includes basic utilities such as water, electricity, and Internet connection. Generally, Internet and telephone bills will be additional expenses of the tenant. Knowing what is included in the rent will help you plan your budget accordingly before you scout for a good apartment.

Man in apartment

Large Complexes

Some large complexes might offer amenities like access to a swimming pool, an exercise room and a theatre for free use. Rental apartments in these larger complexes will also cost more, as the costs for these amenities are discreetly included in it. So, a tenant who’s not interested in swimming or exercising and doesn’t have time for movies will still be paying for these facilities. Go for some smaller complexes, which may not have any of these features but come at a lower cost.

Private Homes

Rentals for private homes will not include any additional facility. Sometimes, the owner and the tenant might get into an agreement for a fix rent rate that also includes a small contribution for the utilities. This could be a pre-determined percentage of the forecasted amount for utilities. The owner will then pay the actual bill.

Holiday Homes

For holiday homes, rent fees will include a whole host of services, such as water and power bills, Wi-Fi, cable TV, hot water, basic furniture, and fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. Some apartments are also cost-effective, as they include all the basic necessities for a comfortable living. Some of them charge per night, but some also have monthly rentals.