What to Put in Your Electrical Emergency Kit

Flashlight For Emergency KitEvery home should have an electrical emergency kit. Emergencies can happen when we least expect it. It’s just a big hassle if it happens in the middle of the day where you’re busy at work. Ideally, you would never need one but it’s far better to be prepared in case of an emergency such as a storm causing a power outage.

For any electrical issues, Fullyampedelectrical.com.au suggests having a Winthrop electrician contact details on hand is a good measure. Nonetheless, here are the items that should be in every kit.

Drinking Water
Staying hydrated is important for any emergency. Your kit should have plenty of drinkable water. It’s best to have at least two litres for each member of your household, but you can definitely have more on hand to be safe.

If you have a power failure at night, it will be difficult to see. Walking around in the dark can be incredibly dangerous so make sure you have a flashlight on hand. In fact, it’s best to have multiple flashlights of various sizes so that each family member can use one. Also, by having multiple flashlights you will be prepared if one of them breaks.

Battery Operated Radio
Many people forget how useful a radio can be in an emergency, so they forget to put it in their emergency kit. But this is a mistake as a radio will allow you to find out what is going on in the event of an emergency.

Extra Batteries
Even if you have flashlights and a battery operated radio in your kit, it won’t do you any good without the batteries. You never know how long an electrical emergency will last, so you should have several backup batteries in your kit. Make sure to check each electronic device to see what batteries it takes, otherwise you might have extra batteries that won’t fit.

Canned Food
Electrical emergencies often happen at the worst times and often when you least expect them. Make sure you have canned food in your kit in case anyone gets hungry during the emergency. Also, be sure to check the expiration date occasionally to see if the canned food in your kit needs to be replaced. Having extra food is particularly beneficial during power outages.

Manual Can Opener
Of course, you won’t be able to open your canned food unless you have a can opener. Make sure you have a manual, hand-operated can opener in your kit.

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