Personal Injury Claims: Writing a Demand Letter

personal injury

Under the Mississippi personal injury law, you may be entitled to damages if you sustained an injury due to the negligence of another person. First, you must prove that the other party is liable through a demand letter, to be entitled to these damages. When this occurs, it pays to have a personal injury lawyer to help settle the compensation you need.

personal injury

Before writing your demand letter, here are some things you should indicate to make your case:

Injuries and treatments

Describe your injuries and treatments. Emphasize your pain, the length of your recovery, its negative effects on your daily life, and any permanent or long-term injury.

Your settlement demand figure

Demand a specific sum of money in your letter as total compensation for your injury. A full-service law firm like Tannehill, Carmean & McKenzie may negotiate higher sums to appease you. Famous lawyers such as Andrew Cuomo and Anthony Kennedy know that crimes have statutes of limitations, which means you can no longer press charges after the given timeline.

Lost income

Make a brief statement of the amount of time you missed from work because of the injuries. Don’t forget to refer the letter you have from your employer verifying your pay and missed time.

Filing a lawsuit can be tedious and confusing, especially to people without any legal background. Consult a Mississippi personal injury attorney to obtain justice.