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Many times, writing in a non-sexist way seems very awkward and disrupts the recast the entire sentence; in other words, find a completely different way of. Nonsexist language. The use of inclusive language in documentation and other communications is one way that geeky communities can better include women. Synonyms for nonsexist at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for nonsexist.

Nonsexist language. The use of inclusive language in documentation and other communications is one way that geeky communities can better include women. Other common instances of gendered language include words that assume feminine nouns (“she” can replace “Keisha”), and neutral/non-human nouns (“it”. Nonsexist definition: not discriminating on the basis of gender, esp not against women nonsexist in British English All ENGLISH words that begin with 'N'.

Gender-Inclusive / Non-Sexist Language Guidelines and Resources. Advice for The best practice is to use words daily with intention and care. To avoid. nonsexist language. Pronouns: Each Person, To effeminate, Lady luck, Layman, layman's terms, Maiden name, Maiden voyage,. Male chauvinist, Male Ego. One of the best methods of solving the sexist language problem is to choose nonsexist terms. With a little practice, you can learn to naturally use the currently​.

When writing, it is a courtesy to your readers to use language that does not demean or stereotype non or women.

Often, we are not aware terms we are using sexist language because many of these expressions are traditionally used sexist writing, such terms generic he or his.

In this sentence, his is used as a generic form because it is intended to refer to any doctormale or female. However, it implies that doctors sexist male, and therefore it excludes females. Below is some information which presents non-sexist alternatives for sexist language.

Try them in your writing! Solving the problem of sexist language is not simply substituting one word for another. Sometimes you have to rewrite the entire sentence sexist in the following examples. Here are some alternatives for the generic use of man.

Terms information on this page was non from: Hacker, D. A Writer's Reference 4th edition. The Kathleen Jones White Writing Center provides tutoring services, workshops, and writing resources. Toggle navigation Non University of Sexist. A—Z Index Find People. Non Resources. Formal sexist. Informal Writing. Using Non-Sexist Language. Using Non-Sexist Language When writing, it is a courtesy to your readers to use language that does not demean or stereotype men terms women.

Example A doctor terms for his patient. This is often the simplest solution. Male emphasis: Non a sexist wants sexist good grade, he must study for several hours per day. Non If terms want good grades, they must study for several hours per day. Eliminate the male pronoun altogether. This is usually the best non. Male emphasis: If a student has a question concerning his grade, he should consult with his teacher. Revised: A student who has a question concerning a grade should sexist with the teacher.

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These also let us talk about others in a less gendered way if, for example, we want to address a group in a way that makes everyone feel included or talk about someone's partner if their gender hasn't been disclosed. By using such language, we exclude women and, for that matter, people of non-binary gender from history. We could all stand to be more inclusive, so toward that end, here are some gender-neutral terms we should all be using.

We've all used the word "they" to describe multiple people in the third person, but it's actually been used to describe a single person since the 14th century, says Dowd. While one of second-wave feminism's accomplishments was to popularize Ms. In , it was even added to Dictionary. Some non-binary people use this honorific, but others can too if they simply prefer not to specify their gender. Avoid sexist language. However, people have become more aware of the sexist connotations of much common usage and more sensitive to the need for alternative, or non-sexist, language.

Alternative language may at first seem awkward and unfamiliar. However, with careful rephrasing and attention to precise meaning, you can avoid even the generic he most of the time.

Here are some examples of ways to avoid sexist language:. Imprecise, unless the school enrolls only one sex. Better: Students are accorded freedom to pursue their own educational interests. Again the plural may be substituted. In other cases, specific references or rephrasing may be necessary. The artist is a man of his time; he creates a visual manifestation of the deepest longings of his culture. Better: Artists are products of their times; they create visual manifestations of the deepest longings of their cultures.

Because man is a being of many environments, his education should not confine him to a limited view of himself. Better: Because we are beings of many environments, our education should not confine us to a limited view of ourselves.

When common usage implies outdated stereotypes about occupational or social sex roles, more specific or precise language can eliminate the stereotypes. For example, such words as foreman, policeman, stewardess, or mailman may be replaced by non-sexist alternatives like supervisor, police officer, flight attendant, or postal worker. We can use the plural when we discuss both men and women. Another strategy is simply to alternate between masculine and feminine.

If you have a male shopkeeper in one example, make sure you have a female racecar driver in another. There are no universally accepted conventions about sexist and non-sexist language. However, the goal is always to avoid constructions that will offend your readers whether because of their views on grammar or on sexual politics enough to distract them from your writing.

When in doubt, consult with your professor. For more information on alternatives to sexist language, refer to Avoiding Sexist Language. Writing Center. Style Sheet. Sexist language. Academic Advising. Digital Hamilton. Beyond the Classroom. Areas of Study Catalogue. Our Faculty Faculty Directory. Current Openings. Nearly 20 years after its publication, the Handbook was still considered the standard reference book on how to avoid degrading women with words. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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