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The female version of a metrosexual. Where a metrosexual is a predominately straight male who comes across more as a homosexual a femetrosexual is a. 20 years ago, Mark Simpson coined the term 'metrosexual'. the news last year that men in the UK now spend more on shoes than women. Metrosexual, Schmetrosexual. The line between what is male and what is female continues to blur. The latest woman-man crossover is the.

Women who prefer their men rugged may be dismayed to learn that Metrosexual Man will not die. Literally. A new scientific study has. The reason that a woman cannot be described as "metrosexual" in western culture is because the traditional female gender role already encompasses the idea. Well, it depends, jaded: if by "female metrosexual" magullo means "a woman who is to ordinary conceptions of femininity what a (male).

The female version of a metrosexual. Where a metrosexual is a predominately straight male who comes across more as a homosexual a femetrosexual is a. 20 years ago, Mark Simpson coined the term 'metrosexual'. the news last year that men in the UK now spend more on shoes than women. In the early s, heterosexuals who favored European jeans, wine bars and fancy face creams — the calling cards of some women and gay.

All in all, though, it's no surprise that Metrosexual Man is in such good nick: he's a smart cookie, a creature of the modern world, who knows how to look after himself. And that's why all you women out female are full of admiration for him. And, ironically, why you're still slipping the slobs your phone numbers. First of all, no one is suggesting that women like macho pigs. This is metrosexual total myth.

No sane female wants to go back to the dark days of soul-sapping machismo, when for most men, being in touch with their feminine side meant copping off with 'birds' by pretending to dig Carly Metrosexual, or, circa New Lad, Alanis Morissette. Still, these pathetic historical attempts at inter-gender 'empathy' illustrate how keen men are to be female women want, or at least an approximation of it, in order to get what they want sex, of course, or at least an approximation of it.

It also displays how, against all evidence, men do listen to women, perhaps a bit too literally. And so it came to pass that metrosexual female gender female for, nay demanded, Metrosexual Man.

Not literally, of course. Women just wanted a new breed of guy, so we made him metrosexual in our heads - putting him together, a bit like a psychosexual Mr Potato Man. We wanted something still identifiably male, but well groomed; sexy, but in touch with his emotions, and not forever poring over lady-bits; a true mate, but high earning, metrosexual house-trained. What women couldn't have anticipated was that these guys would start springing up, straight as anything, but nicking our skin plumpers, opining on soft furnishings, and generally invading Girl Turf.

Things have calmed down a bit now, but a few years back it was like Attack of the Jude Laws still the ultimate metrosexual. Worse, this Ideal Evolved Male we'd dreamt up - well, we didn't fancy him much. Could it be that post-feminism has created its own Frankenstein's monster? The man who is so like a woman he's unfanciable?

After all, it isn't only the obvious MMs we're talking about - metrosexuality has spread like a virus through other, more innocent, men, who probably never dreamt that one day they would evolve into nearly girls. Only female week, the metrosexual reported how a man dialled in tears because his wife wouldn't have sex.

I'm no scientist but this appears to be a hybrid of 'macho' and 'metro', leading to a whole new term, 'Machosexual'. Another 'machosexual' incident metrosexual when Amy Winehouse's ex, a street-wise rocker himself, tearfully emoted female MySpace about how, when he saw Winehouse with her new beau, he was 'shaking like a leaf'. Adding that he'd stopped writing songs about her 'because I've covered all the emotions'. Meanwhile, Winehouse female swaggering around town, pissed, epic, glorious - wholly female, but also like the worst best kind of dick-swinging man you could imagine.

Maybe this is the point. It's very nice for Metrosexual Man that he is destined to live longer. But with women like Winehouse around, will he want to? For just as men have evolved - to suit women, it seems - females have also evolved, to suit women, too.

And this new breed of women are not going to take kindly to Metrosexual Man, or even Machosexual Man, gently insisting they put down their whisky tumbler, stop vomiting on the coffee female and get a good night's sleep. It may even come to pass that men begin daydreaming wistfully of a new breed of woman, who is sexy but house trained, sensitive, and not forever ogling man-bits and so on. However, as any woman could tell these men - just in case we're listening, be careful what you wish for.

Women who prefer their men rugged may be dismayed to learn that Metrosexual Man will not die. A new scientific study has concluded that guys in touch with their feminine sides are metrosexual much healthier and likely to live longer than their macho counterparts. Not that Metrosexual Man will have it all his own way. Presumably there will always be stress-fuelled moments when exfoliating scrubs are a tad harsh, or the Metrosexual sofa fails to arrive.

The Metrosexual Man might even dice with death, forgetting to take his B-vitamins because he's so busy empathising with his girlfriend, all the time noticing female tut tut it's high time she booked in for a little dermabrasion.

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I said it. Define these things for yourself, in your own terms, and it will give you a better sense of where you stand. Are you okay with gender roles dissipating? Until we all can, terms like metrosexual are helpful in making sense of things. I am a metrosexual male. I always have been, and I likely always will be. I wrote a book for you! It's just like this website, but instead of being made out of code, it's made out of murdered trees. Paperback E-Book. Then you'll appreciate this book I co-authored it with Meg Bolger.

I hear ya. This stuff can be confusing. Think of this as an elaborately annotated glossary turned into an e-book — because that's what it is. Get the E-Book. I created It's Pronounced Metrosexual in , write everything here, do the doodles, and I even coded the site itself. Generally speaking, I'm an activist, educator, and artist who is employed by a collective of bosses to create for global justice.

Join or donate to help support social justice media. Close Search for:. I made a new thing you might like! I'm in. I'm excited to learn alongside you! This message will go away, and shouldn't pop back up again. No prob. Sorry to interrupt! Would you like to better understand gender? Or would you like to learn about facilitation?

About the Author Hi! To Read Next. How much injustice can we justify on the path toward social justice? I assumed metrosexual meant a straight man employing feminine stereotypes; therefore a woman employing feminine aspects would be An ultrafeminine high maintenance female? Kids, that's a Trixie. For an ultimate girly girl, Cosmo-reading and drinking, shoe shopping-adoring, Kate Spade-purse swinging, expensive-to- maintain caricature of a young career gal on the go, I second Femme.

Trixie is cute, but it's a bit, well, flapperish -- like if your grandma had these habits in her youth, this is what she would have been called. Tricks, rakes, fops, dandys, gold diggers -- there are so many historical terms with various subtle and sexual shades of meaning for very pretty and consumer-conscious urban people. Since men and women alike increasingly make and spend their own money on themselves, a lot of them don't quite work anymore.

These little crises of nomenclature are always interesting. Trixie may be flapperish, but it's enjoying a revival. Lincoln Park Trixies on the web. But a slightly gender bending, allegedly straight, well off, urban female, why not Metrosexual for her, too?

OK, then I'll look forward to welcoming our new cloche-wearing, boop-bo-bedooping marcelled manhunting overlords, perhaps with a slug from my flask and a cry of "Oh you kid. I haven't seen anyone say it: fashionista? That is if you're referring to women who view labels, il, and Eames furniture as essentials. They used to be called gold-diggers, but now women earn money on their own I believe.

A google image search for "it girl" turned up these hideous gargoyles. Isn't that like going to totally spoil the fun? OK, here it is: how about a seriously-kick-ass-world-champion in, say, oh, beach-volley-ball?