Keeping Cool While Saving on Electric Bills

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air conditioningDuring the summer months, it is quite common to see electrical utility bills rise. This is due to the fact that many people use their air conditioners longer just to quell the heat. While many folks are able to take the heat just to avoid paying high electric bills, people with kids and elderly folks will find it unpleasant and to scrimp on air conditioner use just to save money.

If you cannot live without your air conditioner during heat waves, here are some air conditioning power saving tips to consider from Conduct Air Conditioning:

• Cooler Night Weather

It is normal for heat to go up during the day. This is why you need to turn on your AC more. During night time, however, you really do not need to have the same level of thermostat cooling than during day time hours. Drop your AC power a notch or two during your sleep hours to save on electricity.

• Window & Mobile Units

If you do not need to cool your entire home, it would not be wise to have the central air on all the time. What you can use are portable units that use 50% less energy.

• Closing Vents

Normally, the basement is the coolest room in the house. If you want to enjoy the natural coolness of the room, you can close all the vents in the lower portion. The cool air will go down naturally. By turning all the vents off, you are essentially forcing hot air up first and cool air down.

• AC Unit Servicing

If you have not had your AC cleaned or checked in quite a while, then it is highly likely you are just wasting air con efficiency on dirty filters or debris. Most units will benefit tremendously with just a good hosing out. Make sure to have an air con technician check your unit prior to the start of the summer season.

• Minimise Lighting

You may want to consider turning off lights in your house to reduce some of the heat. Not only will cool air become more apparent, you save more on your electric bills by avoiding energy waste.

Keeping cool during the summer can be expensive. Keep these tips in mind to keep cool while keeping your bills low.

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