Jewelry Trends: What’s in for 2014?


2013 was a year of statement jewelries—bib necklaces, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings, and cuffs and bangles dominated the runway and the Hollywood red carpet. While some of these trends will carry over into the next year, here are other styles of jewelry you should look for on online jewelry shops to ensure you look stylish all year round:


Body Jewelry

Body chains, belly rings, ear cuffs, and hand lets will grow in popularity this year, even if they go on body parts that many aren’t accustomed to adorning. The growing popularity of ear cuffs, Jennifer Lawrence’s back lace at the Oscars, and the prevalence of accessorized crop tops on runways will help fuel the sales of body jewels in 2014.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the best way to accent a minimalist look. They complement statement pieces and flatter different outfits. Studs are also unisex, wallet friendly, and available in online jewelry shops in designs as numerous as those celebrities who wear them on the red carpet.

Geometric Shapes

Jewelries in strong geometric shapes, such as chevrons and pyramids, are both timeless and trendy, and they will dominate the runway this year. Chevron necklaces and pyramid earrings complement graphic prints, menswear-inspired styles, and angular frocks and logos.

Match your outfit with 2014’s trendy bits and baubles, and look fashionable from the start until the end of the year.