Japanese Trends to Look For in Asian Fashion

japanese fashion

Japan is famous for its unique fashion styles. From gothic look to colorful styles, nothing is off-limits. Many young people in other countries, especially Asia, like to adopt Japanese fashion, as it has become easier to buy clothes from Japan online.

japanese fashion

Learn about Japanese-inspired fashion trends online and find out what you can do to update your wardrobe with some style, straight from the streets of Japan.

The Gothic Lolita look

Unlike the Goth fashion of the 90s, this trend adds some femininity to the mix. Gothic Lolita style consists of corsets, ribbons, hoop skirts, and lace. It has become one of the most recognizable styles in Japanese street fashion.

Kogal fashion

The look is one of the Japanese fashion subcultures influenced by a school-girl style of clothing. Based on a traditional school uniform of Japan, the look features loose socks, short pleated skirts, and dyed hair.

Harajuku style

The style takes its name from the thriving and creative Harajuku district of Tokyo. Feel free to wear a bright pink wig, use a Hello Kitty backpack, or place a huge bow in your hair when dressing in the style.

Japanese fashion can take on an elaborate and over-the-top look that may seem difficult to duplicate. Fortunately, with a little creativity, you can borrow from Japanese street fashion and create a fun and chic look of your own.