Here’s What You Need to Do Before ‘Knocking Down’ Your Home


homeThere are some occasions when knocking down a home and rebuilding it is more practical than applying some fixer-upper methods to make it look better. This is especially true if the structure is no longer salvageable due to natural disasters or the uncontrollable growth of moulds and other things detrimental to the materials used in construction.

Knocking down your home does not always involve the use of a wrecking ball. There are some things you need to take care of not only to make sure the entire process is smooth, but also to ensure the safety of your neighbour. Here’s what you need to do.

Community Approval

You and your knockdown partner will have to seek the approval of the community council or any authority that has an interest in knockdown and rebuild. Melbourne has specific regulations about the process. Don’t try to get away with it, as your neighbours will surely recognise that something is going on in your lot, and that may mean trouble.

The Materials of the Old Home

Inspect your home carefully for hazardous materials. This is especially true if you live in an old home. You may never know if the structure you live in has asbestos or lead that may pose threat to the demolition team and your neighbours in case these materials are disturbed.

Your Things

You should get rid of the things you don’t need for your new home weeks before the demolition. You may choose to hold a garage sale or give these items away. Keep track of your things by making a list and contact a storage company in advance.


You surely won’t want to live in the streets while your new home is being built, so you should find a place to stay in for the time being. Contact your relatives or rent a small apartment near your home.

Demolishing a home requires a number of things, and it’s important that you attend to them as soon as possible to avoid stress. Always create a checklist of everything while you’re in the process and keep the communication line with the knockdown-and-rebuild-company open.

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