A Guide to Bluetooth for Motorbike Helmets

bluetooth headset

bluetooth headsetBluetooth motorbike helmet kits are similar to hands free mobile phone kits. These allow riders to receive and make phone calls when riding.

The main issue with Bluetooth motorbike helmet systems, however, is wind noise. For this reason, manufacturers, such as Outdoor Technology and Autocom have been working to make them more useful in different situations, including high-speed track racing.

Sound Quality

All Bluetooth helmet systems use radio signals to communicate. For this reason, it’s impossible not to receive radio interferences. Despite this, most helmet systems provide excellent sound quality.


Most motorbike wireless communication kits are battery powered, and will need battery replacement at least overnight. This can be inconvenient for long tours, especially when the systems’ power runs out when the rider’s in the middle of nowhere. With that said, it’s advisable to get kits that can receive power from 12v power sources, such as cigarette lighter sockets or light circuits.

Affordability and Intuitiveness

Most motorbike wireless communication systems are intuitive and affordable. Basic systems are available starting at around $160.
Some Bluetooth helmet systems also have audio out sockets. These sockets allow riders to connect them to other devices, like helmet camera systems.


There are differences between normal Bluetooth mobile phone systems and motorbike helmet systems, however. Bluetooth for motorbike helmets have external speakers that slide up inside the helmet, next to the ear. These devices also have position adjustable microphones, protected against the wind to reduce background noise.

In contrast, Bluetooth for mobile phones are often too big to fit in most helmets, making them uncomfortable to wear while riding. When used while riding, the riders need to attach the “brain” of the headset to the helmet or the bike.

Most teams aiming to beat land speed records often use Bluetooth communication kits. As such, you can be sure that these systems can work well for long rides or tours. To learn more about these kits, however, research more or visit sites offering information about these devices.