Cheerleader’s Safety Guide to Trampolines


Many cheerleaders buy Vuly trampolines in Perth and other parts of the country to practise their routines. While perfecting every jump, flip, and tumble is important, it’s also a key issue in cheerleading to address the safety of the squad.

Here’s a safety guide for cheerleaders when using trampolines.

Choose the Right Size

Larger trampolines can hold heavier weights safely. This is why you should choose a pad that’s large enough for the cheerleader without going off the edge.


Limit the Persons

A key issue in trampoline safety is when two people hit each other and one falls off the pad. Cheerleading’s stunts make this more serious, which is why they should limit the number of people jumping on the pad at a time.  Ideally, there should only be one person per trampoline.

Secure the Area

There are times when the person jumping on the pad falls off., This is a major reason the surrounding area should have its own security measures. Place rubber mats around the trampoline for softer landings. Nets are also a good option to protect the jumper from falling.

Practising routines is the key to flawless runs. With trampolines, cheerleaders can work on their jumps and tumbles. Each member should take safety into account to avoid accidents in the area.