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Fireworks: Have Fun but Stay Safe

April 26, 2014 movingart_admin 0

Fireworks are extremely fun. Whether outdoor or indoor ones, they can alter the atmosphere of a party or any other special occasion with their bright colours and loud bangs. To truly have fun with lighting […]

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Is Your Home Secure Enough?

December 12, 2013 movingart_admin 0

Security assessment is what every homeowner should do before integrating preventive measures and looking for ADT authorized dealers. Below are some pointers that will help you with it. Knowing the Danger Zones Danger zones are […]

Products and Services Reviews

Cheerleader’s Safety Guide to Trampolines

November 27, 2013 movingart_admin 0

Many cheerleaders buy Vuly trampolines in Perth and other parts of the country to practise their routines. While perfecting every jump, flip, and tumble is important, it’s also a key issue in cheerleading to address […]