house with siding

house with sidingAs an essential part of domestic architecture, siding and roofing are the primary considerations in renovation or construction. Siding, however, remains a good combination of both utility and aesthetics: it protects your home from rot due to seepage, and secures the walls from pests.

Most contractors who perform roofing jobs offer free cost estimates; a siding company in Long Island, NY, for example, would use an online form for this purpose. It is advisable to know the mechanics of siding cost estimates to facilitate the installation of siding on your home, or if you need to install it yourself.

Prepare your materials

You will need several sheets of graphing paper, some pencils, and a measuring tape. A calculator is also handy.

Draw wall diagrams

Represent walls as rectangles or squares, and roofs as triangular shapes. Draw each “face” of the house that you need siding for on a separate sheet of paper and label them accordingly. Doing this allows you to visualize and calculate the square area of siding that you need.

Take measurements

Use a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of each wall, then write them on the corresponding sheet. Take the height of width of rectangles and the base (width) and height of triangles.

Do the math

To get the square area of each shape, multiply a rectangle’s height by its width. For triangular shapes, such as for gables and roofs, multiply its height by its base then divide the product by 2. Write the results on each shape, and then add all figures.

The sum is your exterior square area. Note this down. Additionally, you can subtract the square area of windows, doors and other elements not to be sided from the total figure. Some contractors recommend factoring this in to allow for extra in case of mistakes when installing siding yourself.

Select the type of siding

There are various materials for siding projects. Consult online or with your chosen service to find out the cost per square foot of the chosen material; for example, vinyl prices range from $2 to $7 with each square foot.

Armed with these estimates, you can accelerate the siding process for a contractor, who could do the job readily.

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