Beyond Price: 5 Factors You Can’t Forget when A/C Unit Shopping

air conditionersBuying an air conditioning system is a major expense, so it’s easy to understand why many homeowners try to get the best price possible. While bargain hunting is perfectly fine, you should know that price is far from the only factor you need to consider. Make sure to keep these in mind while you are shopping around.

  1. Type – First, deciding on the kind of air conditioner you need is important. There is no best answer, since it depends a lot on your home and lifestyle. Ducted systems are pricy, but are the best options for efficient whole home cooling (plus they are really quiet and not visually intrusive). Split systems, meanwhile, work best for homes that only need cooling in a few rooms.
  2. Reliability – Make sure that whatever money you save won’t end up as funding for constant repairs and replacements. HVAC experts like Kennedy Air Conditioning often say that it’s far better to spend a little more on a system you can rely on for many years, than getting a good deal on a piece of junk that will only give you headaches.
  3. Energy efficiency – Getting a very energy efficient unit doesn’t just save you money, it’s also good for the environment. Thankfully, most top manufacturers are making increasingly energy efficient units, so it’s not hard to find one at a good price.
  4. Room size – If you’re going for a split system or a window box unit, make sure to get one that is appropriate for the room size. Air conditioners that are too weak will have to work much harder to cool the room to a satisfactory level, while overly powerful units are wasteful and have trouble removing humidity.
  5. Noise – This is a much more important factor than most people think. Do you really want an incredibly noisy contraption ruining the peaceful atmosphere of your living room, or keeping you up at night in your bedroom? It’s hard enough to get some peace and quiet in the modern family home as it is.

Rather than trying to get a cheap air conditioner, why not get a quality one and focus on minimizing future expenses? This is a much more financially intelligent move, and it will save you more money in the long run. Remember, when it comes to big home investments, quality always wins.

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