3 Tips to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

woman wearing ring

woman wearing ringOne of the many benefits of technology is that it eases the pain of long distance relationships. Before, lovers had no choice but to spend months anxiously awaiting mail from each other. Now, programs like Skype let you hear your partner’s voice and see them smile in real time.

But that doesn’t mean that a long distance relationship is easy; nothing can replace actually being with the one you love. It comes with much heartache, and many people can’t handle the difficulties. If you want your relationship to survive despite the odds, here are a few tips that can help.

1. Understand your emotions – You’ll go through a roller coaster of emotions, and there’s not much you can do besides gritting your teeth and dealing with it. One day you’re blissfully happy that you found someone so wonderful, the next day you’re angry and cursing the world for being so large. Most of the time, however, you just want to see them.

The biggest danger to a long distance relationship is the inevitable moments of jealousy. Just imagining that your lover could potentially be unfaithful could drive you mad. Many relationships broke down because of a paranoid partner, so it’s important that you relax and trust the one you love.

2. Surprise her – A few romantic surprises every now and then help keep any relationship strong. Sending her a postcard or a love letter by snail mail can make her entire month when she receives it, and it gives her a physical reminder of you. A beautiful keepsake or ring is even better, and Jaso.co.uk says that it’s one of the best ways to express how special they are to you.

3. Keep a schedule – Have a regular schedule for communication, and keep to it unless there is a serious emergency. If you can’t show up to one of your regular sessions, then make sure that you send an email or other message so they don’t spend hours waiting and worrying. You should remember when she mentions something from her daily life, and bring it up next time you two talk; this helps the two stay connected.

No matter what happens, remember that honesty, openness, and trust are the most important elements of a healthy relationship. Always tell each other what you think, rather than keep it inside.

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