3 Popular Myths on Ice Creams and Other Frozen Delights


While ice cream remains a favourite dessert, people have their misconceptions especially when it comes to nutritional details. Fortunately, most of these are untrue, as popular ice cream brands make sure that their products are of high quality and as risk-free as possible.


Here are some of the myths about these frozen treats and the truth behind them:

Myth #1: Ice creams may cause colds

Viral infections are the main cause of colds and cough, and these viruses aren’t present in ice creams. When processed in unhygienic conditions, some microorganisms may cause illnesses. Make sure your favourite Australian ice cream brand manufactures their products in clean facilities.

Myth #2: Frozen desserts only contain vegetable fat

While frozen desserts do have vegetable fats, they’re not the only ingredient. Milk solids, fruit pieces, nuts, and sweeteners are also included, depending on the product and flavour.

Myth #3: It’s unhealthy to put toppings on ice creams

Some toppings aren’t the ideal choice. There are times, however, when a special ice cream flavour may be worse than adding toppings. For example, some brands of chocolate peanut butter ice cream may have more fat and calories than chocolate non-fat frozen yogurt. Check on the product’s nutritional information before consumption.

Keep in mind that the general rule when it comes to any type of food is to eat in moderation. This way, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary weight gain and other possible health problems.